About Us

                     Vdtec distributors Ltd is based in Mauritius and Madagascar. 
We working in different fields of electronics and security
Closely with numerous renowned companies on the global security market, t
oday we represent the No. 1 worldwide AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System).
We offer effective solutions for your Access Control, Time & Attendance and Video Surveillance Systems.

                     Since 2004 we specialized in Sagem Sécurité – biometric products, one of
the leading world specialists in the biometric field with 
them, we have established a privileged

relationship with no restriction in time; and we represent them in Indian
Ocean and in austral Africa. Our technicians benefited from their training,
therefore offering a maintenance follow‐up to our clients.

We normally offered our clients Biometric Fingerprints of the made
Sagem Morpho Biometrics .

Advantages of Biometric Fingerprint Systems
1. It is manageable
Once we have enrolled an employee, we can grant/revoke access to
him/her to any specific place.

2. Upload directly to Payroll System
We can modify the output that the machine gives according to our needs
and export it to our payroll system for calculation of salaries.

3. Records/Reports
With proper tuning of the system, we can customize reports as per our
needs. We can also keep a record of all the attendances of our employees.

Note: There are still more advantages using the system. The above
mentioned ones are just some major examples. (More references 
Objectives of biometric)

What we do? (Services)
Vdtec distributors Ltd
 is at the service of Government 
departments, companies, hotels, factories, schools and other public 
utilities. It provides them with the necessary equipment in the following

1. Attendance recording systems using optical, barcode, magnetic
contactless (RFID), memory tokens and fingerprint technologies.
2. Access control systems using the above mentioned technologies.
3. Security time stamp, a system for the control of Security Guards.
4. Siren controllers for schools and industries to automate the siren
5. PC logging via biometric or smart card (HID)
6. CCTV from IPTEC UK., (video door phone, day/night zoom camera,
Digital video recorder, alarm recorder system)

you can see several sectors in which we operate such 
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Textile
  • Construction
  • Office and apartments buildings
  • Hotels
  • Finance
  • Transport
  • Hospitality
  • Civil works
  • Manufacturing
And other diversified sector... 


Some of our references:


AEL DSS (Taylor Smith Group)                     

Amro Chemical  

Apollo solutions Ltd                                        

Axess (ENL Group)


Casuarina hotel 

Ceridian Ltd                                                    

Clinique Ferriere                                         

Columbia Court 

Dry cleaning Ltd                                            

Ferney Spinning Mill (Ciel Group)                  

Freeport of Mauritius                                      

Freight and Transit Ltd

Freight Transit Ltd (FTL) Mauritius & Madagascar

Gas Industriel                                              

Grewals(ENL Group)                              

Iframac(BAI Group)                                


Island Fertilizer Ltd

Island Renewable Ltd

Linden wear (Riviere du Rempart)


Marissa buttonGrewals Ltd                             

Mauritius Turf Club                                         

Maxiwear ( Riviere du Rempart)                    

Mazava Textile( Flacq)

MC Vision                                                        

Mechanical Transport Ltd                               

Pad Co Ltd                                                      

Picknpay (Bagatelle)                                 



Robert le Maire                                               

Rogers Aviation                 


Satim Ltd

Scomat Ltd


St Malo Textile            


Tang Way



Velogic(Rogers Group)     

  and others...

In Madagascar, our system are installed at 

FLOREAL KNIT WEAR                                       KARINA 
ACTUAL TEXTILE                                               COTE SUD
MADAGASCAR                            COSMOS
COMADIS LTD                                                    INFOSCRIB LTD AND FREIGHT

Serving the client at our best to give them a no complain result, assuring 
satisfaction and an after sales services as fast as possible.