Outdoor MorphoAccess 500 Series

ACCESS CONTROL                                                                          

The Outdoor MorphoAccess® 500 Series (OMA 500) are versatile biometric terminals intended for access control and time & attendance. They use Morpho’s proprietary algorithms, which have acquired worldwide reputation for their accuracy and levels of performance. Fast and network capable, they can 
address all security applications, from one-door control to the protection of buildings, warehouses, vast infrastructures and government agencies. They offer value-added retailers and access control manufacturers a reliable, powerful and scalable

Technical specifications

MorphoAccess® unit
- Integrated MorphoSmart™ sensor 23x23mm, 500 dpi
- LCD graphical display 128x64 pixels
- Keypad with 12 Keys + 4 programmable function keys
- Buzzer and LED
- Dual-core ARM 9 microprocessors with multi-thread processing 

Multiple interfaces
- Communication port for identifier management: customizable
Wiegand IN & OUT, RS 485, RS 422, Clock & Data IN & OUT, Ethernet (10/100 Base T), Wi-Fi in option

Large database
- From 3,000 to 50,000 people, two fingerprints each, split up into
five databases of 10,000 individuals each (option, capacity   
submitted to MA-Xtended license)

High security level
- SSL on TCP/IP network
- Secure screws, antitheft and anti-tamper switches
Environmental conditions
- Operating temperature: -10° to +50° C
- Relative humidity: from 10 to 80% without condensation
- Waterproof, anti-dust protection: IP 65 rated
- PIV IQS* by the FBI, FIPS 201
- CE and FCC compliant

Voltage supply
- 9V to 16V (350mA typical @ 12V) or Power Over Ethernet (POE)
Physical characteristics
- Dimensions: LxHxD: 218x289x99mm
- Weight: 2kg

Outdoor MorphoAccess® 500 Series is a high-performance fingerprint identification terminal that can be installed outside:

  • sealed, IP65 standard,
  • rapid, accurate and reliable,
  • allows multifactor authentication,
  • 1:N identification of up to 50,000 users,
  • easily integrated into existing systems,
  • equipped with Power-Over-Ethernet (POE),
  • and an optional MIFARE® card reader/encoder.
OMA 520
Fake finger detectionnoyes
Contactless reader/encoderMIFARE® 1k & 4kMIFARE® 1k & 4k
Database size3000 or 50,000 individuals with MA-Xtended license3000 or 50,000 individuals with MA-Xtended license
Multifactor authenticationBIO, card, card+BIO, PIN+BIO, card+PIN, card+PIN+BIO, card+PIN+BIOPIN (*)BIO, card, card+BIO, PIN+BIO, card+PIN, card+PIN+BIO, card+PIN+BIOPIN (*)
The know-how of the world N°1

 Wide-area, accurate fingerprint sensor, FBI PIV IQS certified, capable of withstanding harsh climatic environments 
 The OMA 500 terminals offer the highest level of security on the market
 Fast: 0.7 sec in authentication mode and 0.9 sec in 1:1000 identification mode (including detection, coding and matching)
 Accurate: depending on the required level of security, the false acceptance rate (FAR) can be configured down to 10-8 

Powerful capabilities in a small package
 IP 65 rated terminal mounted in a hardened, weatherized
 The highest database capacity on the market: up to 100,000 fingerprint templates stored, with license
 Multifactor authentication: with MIFARE® and DESFire®
ISO 14443-A & B smartcard reader/encoder, fingerprint and PIN code
 Operates in standalone or networked modes. For small   
populations, it is possible to capture fingerprints and encode 
badges on the terminal itself.
 Equipped with numerous interfaces for easy integration into existing systems
 Trusted and versatile
 Option: false finger detection with optronic sensor 

Convenient software
 MorphoAccess® Enrollment & Management System (MEMS): complete application for centralized management (enrollment, terminals management, log editing, verification station)
 Morpho Integrator’s Kit (MIK): enables integrators to interface rapidly their own proprietary Windows ®
 based applications to the OMA 500 Series.
 Software Development Kit (SDK): can be proposed to VARs who want to develop and embed their own applications in the terminal.