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MEMS (Sagem Morpho)

ACCESS CONTROL / TIME & ATTENDANCE                                   

It allows administrators to create and manage users, terminals, servers, databases, statistical logs, etc. 

in order to optimize the system’s overall performance.

MEMS is used to add biometric recognition to existing access control systems. It is available in three customized versions: 

MEMS Light: simplified version designed for the administration of a fleet of less than 6 MorphoAccess terminals. 

MEMS Client/Standard: enrolment and management system that operates autonomously or connected to a MEMS Server. 

MEMS Server: used to manage a central database and several enrolment points equipped with MEMS Client.

Comprehensive and intuitive

MEMS is the enrollment and administration tool for 
MorphoAccess® access control and time & attendance 
systems. It allows the administrator to create and manage 
users, terminals, servers, databases, logs, statistics, etc., thus 
enhancing the system’s overall performance.
With MEMS it is possible to add biometric identification to 
existing access control systems.

Save time whilst maximizing enrollment quality
Enhanced system security
• Data, fingerprints and configurations transmission to   
groups of terminals
• SSL encrypted transmission between the MEMS   
workstation and the terminals 
• Cryptographic keys management and personalization of 
the MIFARE®/DESFIRE®and HID® iClass®cards 
• Real time edition of history lists and logs

Configurations adapted to the needs
MEMS is available in three versions:
• MEMS Light: simplified version intended for the   
management of less than 6 MorphoAccess® terminals
• MEMS Client/Standard: management and enrollment   
system, standalone or connected to a MEMS server
MEMS Server: allows administrating a central database 
and several enrollment stations equipped with MEMS Client

• Local or remote fingerprint and portrait 
• Supports MorphoSmart™ devices, the most reliable opticalcapture
sensor of the market
• Precise setting of enrollment parameters: image quality
control at capture – each finger is captured three times for 
consolidation – tuning of the false acceptance rate (FAR)
• Management of groups of terminals
• Encoding contactless cards
• Database imports
• Management of large-size Access, SQL and Oracle databases
• Detects duplicate records with 1:N licence*